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South Hills is one of the most active service companies in the field of Commerce, Imports and Exports, Customs Clearance in the country, which has made the company a well-known company in the field of customs clearance and experienced management and experienced experts.

South Hills Company has been able to provide various commercial services including clearance, customs, transportation and business consulting to commercial and industrial companies, both public and non-governmental, and deliver a large volume of different goods daily. Clearance and delivery to customers.

Mastery of the latest business and customs rules and regulations, honesty, loyalty and customer secrecy, accuracy in calculations, speeding up customer service has led to the success of South Hills Company and customer satisfaction.

South Hills Mission:

Consulting and providing commercial and customs services with speed, accuracy and integrity to customers

South Hills Activity :

  • Doing business related to import and export of goods
  • Clearance of all customs of the country
  • Services of unloading, loading and warehousing of cargoes and the transport of goods
  • Business consulting in the preparation and preparation of commercial documentation of goods
  • Customs advice on clearing and resolving disputes between customs and owners
  • The management team at South Hills is proud to help all merchants achieve their goals as quickly as possible.
  • To buy from China We are your true companion in all stages of factory visit, purchase, quality control before loading, shipping and more.
  • Our goal is to reduce the time, cost, risk of shopping, travel and subsequently the convenience of our esteemed customers.