Lobby-Classic Door

The lobby door is a door that is usually located at the entrance of a building and has a significant effect on the shape of the building. Lobby doors usually consist of three locks, two of which are fixed to the side of the lid, and the latch in the center is opened and closed for travel. The lobby doors can be all wood, metal, steel or anti-theft.
Full wood lobby door:
A type of door used to make wood, various types of wood are used to make all-wood lobby doors, the most important being beech, walnut and oak.
Metal lobby door:
The use of metals to build lobby doors is common because some people believe that first-timber lobby doors are very expensive, and second-hand all-door security due to the use of wood in making them less expensive than metal lobby doors. Is.
Lobby Steel Door:
This type of door looks very beautiful. Due to the high resistance of steel to weathering conditions, it is used as a raw material for making these types of doors. Important features of the stainless steel doors are their beautiful appearance, high strength and reasonable price.
Anti-theft lobby door:
Anti-theft lobby doors are another example of doors that, given their excellent security features, can be a good option for use in buildings. These doors feature a combination of MDF laminated wood and metal that is more beautiful than metal lobby doors and more secure than other types of lobby doors.