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South Hills Architecture & Interior Design Group began its professional and formal activities in the field of consulting, designing and implementing interior architecture and decoration in the year 2003. From the beginning, White Group has been trying to design and execute specific and premium projects and has been able to design and execute numerous residential, commercial and office decoration projects that have attracted both client and client satisfaction and a step forward. To serve his fellow man.

South hills Architecture Group, relying on young and creative engineers and highly qualified executives, is committed to providing the best quality (design and execution) services in the fastest possible time:

1-Design and reconstruction of residential buildings (apartments – houses – villas)

2- Design and reconstruction of office spaces (private companies – government agencies – doctors ‘offices – lawyers’ offices and all office offices …)

3- Designing and rebuilding commercial spaces (Chain Store Decoration – Shops – Restaurants – Cafes – Clothing Branding Stores Beauty Salons & All Business Properties…)

4- Designing the shop decoration and preparing it according to the type of your business