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South Hills Network Engineering Company was established in 2003 with the cooperation of IT managers and specialists with the aim of providing the latest specialized computer network services.

South Hills Group offers all its services based on its expertise, technical know-how, and expertise of its experts in the form of a team work. In addition to having formal scientific credentials and valuable work experience, these professionals have a variety of backgrounds from the world’s IT industry.

This series strives to provide organizations and individuals with the right and appropriate use of new information technology based tools to take a positive step in enhancing the technical knowledge of different organizations and companies in the IT field of the country. Taking advantage of the knowledge, creativity and initiative of the specialist and efficient workforce of this complex is to be competitive and responsive to the market.

To achieve this goal, identifying and responding to the needs of designing a data communication infrastructure in an organization and delivering it safely is the critical artery of any entity and providing value-added services at the forefront of corporate activities. Also in the field of customer orientation and satisfaction of business partners, the company strives to improve the quality of its products and services by receiving customer feedback in order to take steps towards customer satisfaction. Receiving a certificate of good performance from multiple clients is a proof of this.

Work discipline, commitment and responsibility, honesty, criticism, mutual respect and striving for personal growth are the set of principles and values ​​that the members of this group adhere to.

The company is currently providing services in three areas:

Network section:

  • Installation of Network Services (Microsoft, Linux)
  • Perform virtualization projects, servers, desktops, applications (Citrix, VMWare, Hyper-V)
  • Maintenance of computer systems
  • Routing, Switching (MikroTik, Cisco)
  • Network Security, Antivirus, Firewall (Cyberoam, Kerio, Fortigate)
  • Installation of internal email, internal Chat systems
  • Advice on purchasing network equipment

Hardware Section:

  • Passive service and installation and arrangement of racks
  • VOIP installation

Virtual Space Section:

  • Selling web hosting and hosting services
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing (Antispam Mail Server)
  • Digital Marketing

Web app design:

  • Advice on purchasing management software:
  • ERP software
  • Financial software
  • CRM software